Published on
April 10, 2024

Why should you work with a B Corp?

Written by
Emma Thomas

RideTandem has just become the first B Corp certified employee shuttle service. 

B Corps meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Choosing to work with a B Corp means aligning your workplace transport with a commitment to positive impact.

Saving money, saving the planet

Efficient route planning and sending the right-size vehicle for the number of passengers booked on each service leads to cost, and carbon, savings. 

A B Corp certified shuttle bus provider like RideTandem helps you cut costs while promoting sustainability.

Use a shuttle bus service to boost recruitment & retention

Many workers may not be able to afford to accept jobs where there is no, or expensive, public transport. 

And environmental credentials are increasingly important. A KPMG survey of 6,000 UK office staff found 46% wanted the company they work for to demonstrate a commitment to ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance.

“We’ve made RideTandem a key part of our staff attraction and retention strategy - it’s made a huge difference.” - Georgeta Capatana, 2 Sisters Food Group

Supporting local communities 

By partnering with RideTandem, you're working with a business committed to making a positive impact in local communities. 

Strengthen your corporate social responsibility by choosing a shuttle service that gives back.

Clear metrics, clear impact

B Corps are renowned for their transparency. 

Benefit from detailed reports on your commuting service's environmental and social impact, providing your organisation with valuable insights.

RideTandem customers can access passenger booking and boarding data, punctuality, carbon emissions, and financial data - journey to journey and over time.

RideTandem's office shuttle bus service can provide a link from nearby train stations

Meeting regulatory standards and requirements

Ensure your workplace transport adheres to the highest regulatory standards. 

B Corp certification signifies a commitment to ethical practices, giving you peace of mind.

RideTandem is also an ALP Service Partner. If you are a business that is looking for ways to improve your compliance with employment and recruitment legislation, then working with an ALP service partner is a great option. 

RideTandem also belongs to the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport.

Carbon neutral shuttle bus service

Reduce your company's carbon footprint by choosing a B Corp shuttle bus provider. 

All RideTandem services can be offered on a carbon neutral basis through our offsetting partnership with We also offer low- and zero-emission vehicles, including fully electric.

Stress-free commutes for your employees 

A B Corp certified shuttle service ensures your employees enjoy a stress-free commute, fostering a positive work environment. 

Happy employees are productive employees!

“Without the coach we just wouldn’t be able to get to work. The journey is great. It’s peaceful, comfortable and fun.” - Connor, RideTandem passenger

Inclusive transport for all

RideTandem was founded after our CEO met a group of unemployed fathers in Rochdale, just outside Manchester. Without any local jobs or reliable public transportation, they struggled to provide for their families.

Even before the cost-of-living crisis, public transport outside of big cities can be expensive, unreliable, or just not available when people need it. 

Our mission is to help people commute to work in an affordable, and sustainable, way.

Tailored routes that suit your team

Create a bespoke commuting solution that suits your workforce. 

RideTandem works with you to design routes that meet the needs of your employees - using data to create convenient stops for each service.

“I get a lift into work but I use the bus to get home. It’s comfortable, warm and the stop is close to home.” - Ruby, RideTandem passenger
Logistics businesses are among the companies that use a RideTandem shuttle bus service
How does a RideTandem shuttle bus service work? 
  • Passengers book for their seat via RideTandem's easy-to-use app, with secure, minimum wage compliant payment options. 
  • Passengers and organisations can then live track the vehicle’s location on its way to the stop or worksite.
  • Once a passenger has booked onto a service, employers can see their details via our secure portal and live monitor boarding as passengers scan on via a QR ticket.
  • Our technology automatically alerts our 24/7 team to re-route or send backup vehicles if ever required. 
  • Customers can access passenger booking and boarding data, punctuality, carbon emissions, and financial data - journey to journey and over time.

See how a RideTandem shuttle bus works

"We use RideTandem across 5 sites using a range of vehicles from 4-seater taxis to 80-seater coaches - it’s been great to be able to do everything through a single provider." - Georgina Kirkmann, First Call Contract Services
What are the benefits of a B Corp shuttle bus service?
  • Tap into a labour pool who do not, or cannot afford to, drive
  • Advertise roles in a larger geographical area for faster fill rates
  • Increase sustainability and reduce Scope 3 emissions
  • Improve staff wellbeing by reducing commuting stresses 
  • Reduce absenteeism and improve retention 
  • Reduce car parking pressures
  • Support employees with the cost of living

For more information about our shuttle bus service, read our FAQs or fill out the form below to book a demo. 

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