Warehouse shuttles by RideTandem

Reliable transport to attract and retain staff

Fill hard to recruit roles and cut costs with shuttle bus services for manufacturing, warehouse and logistics businesses.

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ALP Partnership

RideTandem is proud to be an Association of Labour Providers Service Partner. The ALP only works with partners that provide good quality services backed by excellent customer service.

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How RideTandem staff shuttles work

Our tech-enabled shuttles are an easy and reliable way for your employees to commute.

Why choose a RideTandem worker shuttle

Give your staff a reliable way to get to work while increasing the area you can recruit from to fill roles faster.

  • Boost recruitment by widening the area you can hire from
  • Fill roles faster for hard-to-recruit roles
  • Improve retention of workers by removing commuting stress
  • Create a route that suits your business, anywhere in the country 
  • Serves all shift patterns for seamless travel at any time of the day or night
  • 24/7 customer support available to deal with any passenger queries 
  • Reduce parking pressures at your site
  • Tackle absenteeism proactively by helping workers get to site
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Joined up, reliable warehouse shuttle bus service

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Last mile service

From home to site, or connecting with local bus or train stations, our shuttle bus services can be set up anywhere your business needs them.

Flexible trip times

All shift patterns are served - 24/7 day and night. Shift workers starting on site before public transport begins can reach the site easily.

Boost retention

Reduce the costs associated with high staff turnover by offering a convenient, affordable way to commute.

Want to see how RideTandem shuttles can support you?

Get in touch today to learn more or arrange a demonstration.

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RideTandem in action

A shuttle bus service can enhance recruitment, retention, and staff well-being for warehouse and logistics businesses. One leading logistics company uses RideTandem shuttle buses to support workers for a site where public transport is not available for all shift patterns.

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