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February 28, 2024

RideTandem is B Corp Certified

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Emma Thomas

RideTandem is now B Corp Certified - an endorsement of its continued commitment to meeting high standards of performance, accountability and transparency. 

Since launching in 2019, RideTandem has completed more than 1.5 million journeys, helped organisations avoid more than 16,000 tonnes of CO2 and supported people to earn £66 million in wages.

Tatseng Chiam, co-founder and COO of RideTandem, said: "We started RideTandem with the aim of making it one of the best companies to work for. Being awarded B Corp Certification shows the commitment we’ve made to making RideTandem a company that we can be proud of.”

What is B Corp? 

Started in 2006 by B Lab, businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency are able to become B Corp certified. 

By certifying, B Corps commit to continuous improvement. Businesses must recertify every three years to demonstrate they are still meeting the high standards expected by B Lab. 

What does it take to become B Corp Certified? 

Becoming certified is a rigorous process and only 3% of applicants manage to achieve certification. 

Tatseng continued: “We've put lots of time and effort towards ensuring our staff are well looked after and our business contributes positively to the environment. 

Tatseng added: "Becoming certified is very difficult - we've been through rigorous assessments and had to demonstrate accountability and transparency through every level of our business. It's testament to the hard work of everyone at RideTandem that we've achieved such an amazing goal."

You can read more about what it takes to become B-Corp certified here. 

Benefits of Working with a B Corp Certified Company

Partnering with a B Corp certified company brings additional advantages beyond the obvious environmental benefits. 

B Corps adhere to rigorous social and environmental standards, ensuring that every part of the organisation is ethical and sustainable. 

Large organisations such as Next and Royal Mail already rely on RideTandem's shuttle services not only for their reliability and efficiency but also for the assurance that they are supporting a socially responsible and environmentally conscious partner.

The benefits of choosing a B Corp certified shuttle bus provider include: 

  • Attract talent: 46% of people surveyed by KPMG wanted the company they worked for to demonstrate a commitment to ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance.
  • Boost productivity: A B Corp certified shuttle service ensures your employees enjoy a stress-free commute, fostering a positive work environment.
  • Reduce carbon emissions: Reduce your company's carbon footprint by choosing a B Corp certified shuttle bus provider. 
  • Meet regulatory requirements: B Corp certification signifies a commitment to ethical practices, giving you peace of mind. RideTandem is also an ALP Service Partner and belongs to the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport.
  • Detailed data: RideTandem customers can access passenger booking and boarding data, punctuality, carbon emissions, and financial data.

See how RideTandem shuttle bus services work

RideTandem founders Alex Shapland-Howes, Huw McLeod and Tatseng Chiam

Meet sustainability and ESG targets with a carbon neutral shuttle bus service

Making a positive contribution to society, and reducing impact on the environment, has been RideTandem’s mission since the very beginning. 

All RideTandem services can be offered on a carbon neutral basis through our offsetting partnership with  We also offer low- and zero-emission vehicles, including fully electric. 

Our carbon reduction plan 

Join the movement towards a greener, more socially responsible future. Find out more about how RideTandem shuttle bus services work.  

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