Published on
April 10, 2024

The Tech Behind Successful Shuttle Bus Services

Written by
Emma Thomas

Shuttle bus companies are nothing new. But that’s not what RideTandem is. We’re a tech company that provides a seamless, fully supported shuttle bus service to businesses across the UK and Germany. 

We partner with local, vetted transport operators to provide reliable and sustainable workplace transport for warehouses, factories, offices and other companies.

What makes us different is our tech-backed approach to improving retention, reducing carbon emissions and boosting recruitment - all without adding any work for your staff. 

What makes a RideTandem shuttle bus different for passengers? 

Our shuttle bus services are technologically enabled - creating smart, shared shuttles that can be booked, boarded and tracked via an app. 

Businesses get real-time data from their services while passengers have the convenience of booking single, return or batch tickets all within our app. 

Available in 13 languages, the easy to use app is available on Apple and Android. 

Passengers can seamlessly book and pay for their tickets, receive the QR code that allows them to board the service and then track the bus as it makes its way to their stop. This not only simplifies the commuting experience, but reassures employees that they have a reliable, cost-effective and efficient way to get to and from their place of work. 

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The benefits of RideTandem’s technology for businesses

One of the key benefits of using a RideTandem service is the data you can see. Our dashboard and reports give businesses real-time data insights allowing us and you to monitor bookings, track services, and analyse passenger flow. 

This level of visibility and transparency not only enhances operational efficiency but also helps us to make better, data-led decisions when it comes to amending routes or promoting the service.  

Our 24/7 support team also monitors your routes proactively. We analyse potential delays along the route, looking ahead to any potential issues with roadworks/closures and re-routing services in advance to prevent delays. 

In the case of any late running or breakdown, we can also source alternative vehicles to keep the service running and deal with any passenger queries - any time of the day or night.

A RideTandem service is completely bespoke

Creating shuttle bus services to anywhere, from anywhere

RideTandem gathers postcode data from your employees as well as their intention to use a shuttle bus service. After gathering this information, we map out a bespoke route that travels close to as many employees’ homes as possible. 

Our team will work with you to understand your goals, current issues and problems then create a route or routes that will solve this for you. We can offer shuttles for:

  • Remote business with poor/unavailable public transport 
  • 24/7 shift patterns and unsocial working hours 
  • “Last mile” - taking people from nearby train or bus stations too far to walk
  • Link campuses or sites via a dedicated service 

Compliant and secure service 

Our services are held to the highest standards and all our transport operators are vetted before they begin work with RideTandem. We check insurances, liability documents, licences and all information to ensure the services provided meet the highest standards. 

We’re a member of the The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK and also an Association of Labour Providers service partner. 

We’ve also been B Corp certified - which means more than just our environmental credentials, it’s an endorsement of our continued commitment to meeting high standards of performance, accountability and transparency. 

We do not deduct ticket payments from employees’ wages, tickets are voluntary as workers book through our app. 

Boosting recruitment and retention

By offering convenient, reliable and cost-effective transport, companies can significantly boost their appeal to prospective employees and improve staff retention rates.

A dedicated account manager will work with you to continually monitor your services and optimise them. As your business grows, or your recruitment needs decrease, our vehicle sizes are flexible to suit your needs. 

Supporting the return to office is high on the agenda for a lot of businesses

Shuttle buses to support return to office

With the cost of living crisis continuing, commuting has become increasingly expensive for many people. A recent study by ECI showed some staff are spending up to 20% of their salary getting back to the office. With hybrid working and return to the office on many HR teams’ agendas, making the offer of office-based working as attractive as possible is key to hitting those targets. 

RideTandem achieved a 50% reduction in cost for people to get to work by implementing a shuttle bus service for a large multinational corporation. 

Support with carbon emissions reduction and Scope 3 emissions 

The environmental impact of traditional commuting methods cannot be overstated, with carbon emissions contributing to climate change and air pollution. 

Shared transport will reduce your carbon footprint and cut down Scope 3 emissions from employees’ commutes. 

As a B Corp certified shuttle bus service, we’re dedicated to supporting businesses toward a greener future. 

With our technology, you can track the reduction in carbon emissions and pull information relating to individual trips or over time. Reports can be created and analysed within the tool itself, or it can be configured to distribute reports to key decision makers on a preset schedule, or exported in a number of formats to integrate with your existing tools.

A tech-backed shuttle bus service revolutionsing commuting

The tech behind a RideTandem shuttle bus service has revolutionised the way businesses approach workplace transport. 

Add to this our always-on-hand support team based in the UK and Germany and it’s easy to see why some of the world’s largest businesses are relying on RideTandem to get their staff to and from work every day. 

Still have questions about our shuttle bus services? See our FAQs here

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