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April 27, 2022

The benefits of workplace shuttles

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With the cost of traditional transport rising drastically as well as rural areas suffering from a lack of direct travel options to and from work, there's no surprise that employers and employees alike are now looking for new ways to commute.

Fortunately, workplace shuttles provide a great alternative to all those impacted by commuting issues. Whether you're an employee who no longer wants to drive their empty car to work due to the fears of high CO2 emissions and increasing fuel costs or you're an employer that wants to attract a talent pool beyond your local area, shared shuttles could be the solution for you.

As you can see in the chart below from the Financial Times, the cost in traditional travel has shot up significantly over the past few years and is one of the main reasons why the demand for workplace shuttles has never been as high as it is now.

The Cost Increase of Travel (Financial Times, 2022)

The benefits of a workplace shuttle:

1: Sustainability
Instead of individuals using their personal cars to get work and leaving most of their seats empty (whilst ramping up CO2 emissions), it makes more sense for team members to come together and use a shared service. For example, in March 2022, RideTandem's services took 300 cars off the road as we took passengers to work together on our alternative vehicles (coaches, minibuses, etc).

2: Increase Retention
By making staff commutes easy, affordable and stress-free, you'll increase the satisfaction levels of your team and are more than likely to increase staff retention, especially as workplace shuttles may cater for any changes to a team member's home location. At RideTandem, we're flexible with our service, so we'd be able to cater for changes to route locations as well as pickup and drop-off times.

3: Reach New Talent Pools
For many rural organisations, their talent pool may lie solely within the local area as there may not be suitable transport options from further locations. With a shared shuttle, it would allow those organisations to engage talent from beyond their local area. Over the last 2 years, RideTandem we enabled our passengers to earn over £10m in wages thanks to our services.

4: Safe & Reliable Transport
What better than setting up a shared shuttle for your team knowing that all of the drivers will be getting your team to work on time, happy and safe? We're proud to say that we've safely travelled over 200,000 since December 2021 alone as all of our transport providers are vetted and come from the local area.

5: Team building
As well as allowing for greater job satisfaction, shared shuttles also allow your team to connect as they can share the same route to work with each other, making for great bonding time.

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