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October 25, 2022

Our #RideTogether Campaign

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Over the past few months, our team have paraded around trade shows with, what has now become, our famous RideTandem bus.

From the Recruitment Agency Expo in Birmingham to the In-House Recruitment Live in London, it was great to see the attendees having fun whilst posing with the cardboard bus.

You may have noticed from the photos above that the line #RideTogether sits on the back of the bus, but what does it mean?

#RideTogether is a term that reminds us of the power that teams have when they work together towards their collective missions.

For example, at RideTandem, our team members work together every day to help talent from across the country get to work and in turn, work in "tandem" with their team to drive even more positivity.

We can drive results when we #RideTogether.

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