Published on
July 31, 2023

How to Start a Shuttle Bus Service: Boost recruitment during peak periods

Written by
Emma Thomas

Starting a shuttle bus service can help you boost recruitment, improve retention and reduce your Scope 3 emissions. 

Our tech-backed service helps you source talent for hard-to-reach sites. We offer 24/7 support, cost-neutral services and can set up routes quickly and easily anywhere in the UK or Germany. Tell us where you need to go - we'll do the rest.

Why Start a Shuttle Bus Service?

Cost Savings: How much do you spend on recruitment? And how much money are you losing, per day, for every empty role? Spend just half an hour working out these costs and most businesses will see the hidden costs of recruitment challenges. Setting up a shuttle bus can help you draw talent from further afield, fill roles fast and retain the staff you do have.

Flexibility: Shuttle bus services offer flexibility to adapt to the fluctuating number of passengers. Through advanced booking and tracking systems, like the RideTandem app, businesses can track capacity and usage. Different vehicle sizes can be deployed based on the number of bookings, ensuring optimal cost-effectiveness.

Environmental Benefits: Shuttle bus services contribute to a greener environment by reducing the number of single-person vehicles on the road. From January 2024, businesses will have to report Scope 3 emissions. Employee commutes contribute to these emissions and reducing these can be a quick way to reduce your overall carbon footprint. 

Employee wellbeing: Unproductive workforces cost UK businesses £143billion every year. Long, expensive and stressful commutes negatively impact employee morale and productivity. A shuttle bus service provides employees with a comfortable and convenient transportation option, reducing the stress and fatigue associated with driving or public transportation. It also ensures punctuality and reliability for your workforce. 

How to Start a Shuttle Bus Service 

There are just 3 steps to getting a RideTandem shuttle service set up for your organisation:

  1. Discover

We’ll create a detailed picture of your requirements, the challenges you’re facing and identify how a RideTandem shuttle service can support you.

  1. Partner

We’ll find and vet the best value, most reliable Transport Operator from our nationwide network of more than 2,000 private hire, minibus and coach providers.

  1. Launch

Once we’ve got the routes, timetables and provider agreed. We’ll work with you to launch the service with staff, provide information to promote the routes, and get your people where they need to be. 

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What Happens After the Service Launches?

RideTandem shuttle buses are a fully-managed service. In practice, this means that we handle all calls, emails, texts and enquiries from passengers and drivers. We’re at the end of a phone 24/7 to offer support to anyone. 

As part of the service, we will meet with you regularly (around once per month) to review and optimise your routes. As your needs change, we can adapt the services to suit. Got an extra 50 workers coming in to help for a couple of weeks? No problem. We send the right size vehicle for your passenger requirements. Roadworks on route? Leave that to us. We can divert the drivers along the most efficient routes. 

Is it Hard to Get a Shuttle Bus Service Set Up?

No! Our team is used to setting up new routes at short notice and with flexible passenger numbers. Even if you’re not 100% sure how many people will be using the service, we can set up some routes or even run a pilot. 

A lot of businesses find their requirements change over time. When recruiting for peak periods such as Christmas, you might need to move hundreds of employees at a time. After the peak period, you can still keep a shuttle service and we will send vehicles for lower numbers - swapping a double decker for a minibus for example.

What’s Different About RideTandem Compared to a Bus Service? 

A RideTandem shuttle bus is backed by our rider & driver apps. Our smartphone app means passengers can book and pay for their tickets, track the service as it makes its way to their pickup point and reach RideTandem’s support team immediately to deal with any questions or issues. 

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The RideTandem Dashboard allows businesses to see:

  • Monitor passenger bookings journey-by-journey and over-time
  • Receive live updates on how many passengers have boarded the vehicle
  • Live track vehicle location
  • View data on the vehicle's full journey history (arrival and departure times etc)
  • Book and cancel trips on a passenger’s behalf.

A RideTandem service can be set up from anywhere, to anywhere. It can provide transport where there is none or provide “last mile” transport - for example from a train or bus station.

Setting up a workplace shuttle bus for your employees can provide significant cost savings, environmental benefits, and increased staff wellbeing. 

The flexibility to adjust vehicle size based on demand helps it remain a cost-effective, and sustainable, solution for employee commutes. 

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