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April 21, 2022

How to deal with workplace stress

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This month is Stress Awareness Month, so we decided to look at the causes of stress in the workplace as over 800,000 workers suffer from work-related stress - according to a 2021 Labour Force Survey.

When we think of what causes stress in the work place, most people may think of the workload and insufficient pay as the main causes, but underlying issues such as the commute and the lack of social support within the team also have a huge impact on how we feel.

The stats show that the stresses felt from our work normally boils down to the commute and the workload, with 54% of UK workers stating that a bad commute would be one of the main reasons why they would quit their job (according to TotalJobs, 2021).

The causes of employee turnover

At RideTandem, we love to put people first, so we looked into how to reduce our stress levels in the workplace.

Establish Boundaries

One way to help reduce your stress levels is by establishing boundaries between your personal life and your work life. A lot of people bring their work back home in the sense that they respond to emails out of hours or constantly think about the working day, which is bound to cause you to stress over time. So perhaps you could try switching your work phone off once your day ends or making a pledge not to check any emails until you’re in the office.

Make the most of your commute

Whether it’s a 20-minute drive or a 1-hour train journey, the commute to work is a great opportunity to make time for yourself and help squeeze the stress out of your life. Why not try listening to a podcast about one of your passions or try meditating or visualising to create positive thoughts and emotions before you head into work.

Break the cycle

For many of us, our days consist of going from home to work and vice versa, so why not break the cycle and utilise your allocated days off or just by simply doing something new in the mornings before work (such as a workout) or in the evenings after work (such as a meal with a friend).

RideTandem can also help. We provide flexible transport options for workforces of any size, making it easier and more sustainable for you and your team to get to work. By partnering with vetted local transport providers and offering a fully managed 24/7 service, RideTandem really is the smart way to move your community.

If you would like to chat about workplace transport options for your team then please contact us via or on 01933812235.

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