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November 7, 2022

How Can HR Leaders Help Workers and the Bottom Line in the Middle of a Cost of Living Crisis?

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Has it ever been more challenging to be an HR professional? There’s a talent shortage, rapid turnover is rampant, and the cost-of-living crisis is having an effect on everyone.

Whilst you may be leveraging every last HR tool in your toolkit to maximise recruitment, retention, and productivity, there’s one tool you might not have considered: transport.

No matter where your worksite is, public transport options have declined dramatically. More than 25% of bus routes in the UK have been cut in the last decade.  Train strikes are frequent, and ticket prices have skyrocketed. The cost of car ownership has gone up by 35% in the last five years.

All of this means prospective candidates with the right skills for your business are going to struggle to get to your worksite consistently and economically.

Providing transport support can make a huge difference - it can:

- Expand your talent pool by widening your geographic reach
- Boost attendance by avoiding unreliable car pools or public transport
- Increase retention with the benefit of an affordable, stress-free commute (whilst ensuring minimum wage compliance)
- Contribute to your company’s ESG goals by reducing Scope 3 emissions

There are a variety of transport support options. But the most cost-efficient and flexible is a workplace shuttle solution.  An optimal shuttle solution is available when you need it, but incurs zero costs and zero emissions when you don’t.

RideTandem offer this uniquely flexible transport solution. By partnering with vetted local transport companies, using their proprietary technology and 24/7 customer service, they create bespoke transport services, including:

- Set up routes anywhere in the UK, from 4 to 70+ seats, short or long term
- Passengers use the app to book and pay for their seat
- Track passenger bookings, vehicle location and arrival times with their dashboard
- Fully managed services with a dedicated Account Manager
- 24/7 customer support for you and your passengers

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