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December 9, 2022

Advice for In-House Recruiters by In-House Recruiters

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Being the transport provider of choice for many employers across the UK, we’ve heard endless stories about the ups and downs of being an in-house recruiter. 

In order to help other recruiters, we thought it would be great to share the advice of the amazing individuals that were nominated for the prestigious RideTandem In-House Recruiter award at the IHR Awards 2023. 

"I think the best piece of advice I would give in-house recruiters is take everything in. Go in with a blank canvas, don't have any preconceptions, learn as much as you can and share your ideas. One thing about Boots is that they really do let you do your own ideas and make those things happen."

- Jeanette Spicer, Senior Recruitment Partner at Boots UK

“Fully prepare your candidates for interviews, ensure they know where they’re going, who they’re interviewing with and the full detailed job description. Secondly, priorities your vacancies, this makes a big difference!”

- Jessica Brodie, Internal Recruiter at Barchester Healthcare

“If you’re looking for a career with lots of adventure, to impact people’s lives as well, but also to improve your own personal skills along the way and to fuel your growth (which is something I certainly see, it’s reall yboosted my confidence) then recruitment is definitely one of those really interesting career paths to go for.”

- Sharan Gill, Talent Acquisition Consultant at AND Digital

“As a recruiter, you are also like a brand ambassador for an organisation. You have a lot of opportunity to really bring people in and bring people together. My advice would be, yes the market is tough, but if you are someone that is doing any recruiting of any sort, stick to that fundamental goal of being quite human-first”

- Isabelle Fernandes, Talent Lead at Avanade

“Don’t take everything to heart. Nothing is ever as personal as you think it is, even if it seems it at the time. Remember that everyone is just trying to do a job. And I think probably have a bit more confidence in what you do and what you say, you are the expert and sometimes it’s just having that confidence in yourself - a company is using you as they need that service.”

- Josh Bown, Internal Recruitment Partner at Saint-Gobain 

“Stay positive, it is hard out there at the moment for recruitment, especially in healthcare. But stay positive and it will make you a better recruiter and always attend seminars, learn different methods and keep up to date.”

- Katie McGovern, International Recruitment Lead at CaringHomes

Another way that may help your impact as an in-house recruiter is by exploring the possibility of running shared shuttles to help attract and retain new talent. 

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