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May 23, 2022

4 ways an employee shuttle can benefit your business

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Can an employee shuttle really benefit your business?

With the cost of living increasing and wages staying the same. How can we ensure we keep our employee retention rates stay high? The recruitment crisis is now bigger than ever, it is essential we align ourselves with our employees to retain great staff. Does this start with an employee shuttle?

  1. Attracting great talent

Attracting great talent can be difficult and while some warehouses, offices and distribution centres don't tend to be in the most central location it means staff usually have to find a way to get there. Most often they drive, but what about the people that can't drive? Does this mean we are missing an entire calibre of people just because of transport problems. It's no surprise that buses and public transport aren't reliable and can often result in a headache. Using an employee shuttle means that your vacancy can attract people that it wouldn't have before, you are making your workers commute easier which could be the driving factor to gaining new recruits.

  1. Staff retention

Can an employee shuttle improve staff retention. Well according to TotalJobs 2021, 70% of Londoners would quit a job due to commuting issues and over half the U.K. would do the same. In order to have a low turnover rate, you have to have satisfied employees who are less likely to leave.

This shows how a staff commute does affect their overall satisfaction in a role. In order to retain great staff, especially if your business is in a hard to reach location then an employee shuttle seems almost essential.

You do have a few options on how this would work, such as offsetting the cost as a business or charging a small amount to your staff to make it more affordable for the business. Explore your options here

  1. Sustainability mission

Sustainability is a huge focus for many, everyone is trying to reduce their carbon footprint so what can you do to help? An employee shuttle will not only be beneficial for your workers but also for the environment. Using an employee shuttle means there are fewer cars on the road thus leading to lower your businesses carbon footprint.

RideTandem's services have offset 556 metric tonnes of Co2 emissions since December 2021.

  1. Enhanced productivity

The average U.K. commute is 59 minutes per day, let's assume you make this easier for your employees and possibly shorter. This means that staff will be getting to work on time everyday and this means that they are more likely to be productive. The added downtime will actually enhance their productivity and employees will feel cared for in your business as you will be contributing to a healthy work-life balance.

Overall, an employee shuttle seems like a perfect addition to your business. If you are thinking about an employee shuttle, find out more on the costs, routes and how the service works on

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