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September 7, 2023

RideTandem named “Most Innovative”

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RideTandem has been named the "Most Innovative Ground Passenger Transportation Software Company 2023 - UK" by SME News. 

This latest recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to revolutionising workplace transport while supporting people in transport poverty to access work. 

Since 2019, RideTandem has completed more than one million passenger journeys and helped people earn £50million in wages in jobs they couldn't reach otherwise.

Alex Shapland-Howes, CEO and Co-Founder of RideTandem, said: "Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We're continually trying to overcome the issues faced by people in transport poverty by creating tech-enabled solutions. We turn local bus, coach and cab companies into shared shuttles that have helped people earn more than £50million wages in jobs they can't get to without us.

"We're working hard to provide cost-effective, reliable and sustainable transport to work for people living in areas without adequate public transport.”

Innovating for a Better Future

RideTandem was created to provide flexible, sustainable, and reliable workplace transport to people across the UK in transport poverty. 

Our CEO met a group of unemployed fathers in Rochdale, just outside Manchester, who were discussing the problems they were having with finding work. They said the biggest barrier they had was transportation. Without any local jobs or reliable public transportation, the fathers struggled to provide for their families.

This story and many others we would hear were quite upsetting to us and we decided to tackle the issue of transport poverty head on. We understand the critical role transport plays in people’s daily lives, and are dedicated to making it as efficient, eco-friendly, and accessible as possible.

Setting up a Shuttle Bus Service

Our hassle-free approach to launching shuttle bus services means that whether you’re looking for a replacement for your current service, or starting a route from scratch, we’re here to help you launch. Here are the steps we follow to make it happen:

Discover: We begin by creating convenient routes tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you're an employer looking to provide a hassle-free commute for your staff or a school aiming to enhance transportation for your students, we've got you covered.

Partner: Finding the perfect bus, coach, or taxi company is essential to ensure the success of your shuttle service. RideTandem boasts a robust network of over 2,000 trusted partners, making it easy for us to match you with the ideal transportation provider that meets your needs.

Launch: Our team takes care of all the logistics, including setting up timetables, creating promotional literature, and conducting onboarding days on-site. We aim to make the transition to a tech-backed shuttle bus service as smooth as possible for both passengers and businesses.

Optimisation: We provide 24/7 support to both passengers and businesses. Our user-friendly dashboard keeps you informed about who's booking and how many passengers are using the service, allowing us to flex up or down the vehicle sizes. 

Continuing the Journey

Receiving the "Most Innovative Ground Passenger Transportation Software Company 2023 - UK" award from SME News reaffirms our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

We’re grateful to our clients, partners, and the entire RideTandem team for their support and dedication. We look forward to continuing our journey towards a greener, more efficient and equitable future for commuters and businesses. 

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